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strategic plan


Strategic objectives

The participants have discussed the main Strategic objectives through CAT teams. Those objectives have been discussed, and they were classified in eight major areas of improvement. The main areas by priority to be  implemented:

  1. Access to Market.
  2. Reducing cost of production
  3. Training and skills development.
  4. Quality improvement.
  5. Costing and Pricing
  6. Branding the cluster
  7. Product Design
  8. Lobbying for cluster development.


Due to the number of participants, the CATs have been distributed to four groups; each tackled the improvement of two fields.  The CATs:

  1. Access to Market- Branding the cluster
  2. Training and skills development -Lobbying for cluster development.
  3.  Reducing cost of production - Costing and Pricing
  4. Product Design - Quality improvement.
  5. innovation center .
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