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Vision, Mission And Objectives

The furniture cluster will be able to manufacture, export, and compete locally and globally.


The cluster is created to face all challenges, current and future problems. Will be able to have the largest segment of its value chain under one umbrella. Finlay, to compete with a highly quality product.


First: Project General Objective:

To develop all segments of a free and competitive Palestinian economic system, through cooperation between public and private sectors.

Second: Project Specific objective:

The Specific objective of the project is to strengthen the competitiveness of local companies, and especially MSME, in order to increase their market share on the local market and/or explore new markets for export through:

A support to the structuration of productive sectors/sub-sectors with high potential, by the creation of linkages between the stakeholders of the same value chain on a defined territory through the cluster approach an improvement of public-private dialogue.

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