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Who We Are

The furniture cluster is a group of companies representing the furniture value chain in Salfit district. It is mainly concentrated in Salfit, Mas’ha, Qarawat Bani Hassan and Bidya. We started in 214 with 15 companies. Those were the kernel of this initiative. By the end of 2016, the cluster will receive 250 company that are all the companies’ covers by the cluster area. However, they become the core members leading the development of the furniture cluster. The cluster members have been heightening due to the high level of achievements. Of course, this resulted in the furniture cluster reality.

The furniture cluster has been performing a range of activities and projects that contributed greatly to the development of furniture sector and will raise the level of skills in the institutions.

These experiments have helped the furniture cluster to compete in the Israeli market and to start exploring new international markets.

The furniture cluster did not stop on learning and development. Therefore, it initiated through a series of partnerships with economic and academic sectors to fuel the creation of the Innovation Centre in Al Najah University.  The Centre will tribute the sector with skills, quality testing and design.

The value chain includes the main suppliers, supplying units, manufacturers (carpentries, blacksmiths, painters, and upholstery), in addition to the distributers and the showrooms. The cluster is working on producing: Different kinds of bedrooms, dining rooms, office furniture, and different kinds of tables, sofas and kitchens.

One-Line Info.

  • The furniture cluster has expanded from 15 to 50 members within six months.
  • The furniture cluster managed to support its entity by opening an office in Mas’ha.
  • Business Support Organization (BSO) reinforcement expert has met with the furniture cluster in Salfeet to assess the services provided by the chamber and discuss their needs of services where four of the cluster members had an open discussion with the expert.  
  • The active participation of the furniture cluster members has enriched the last meeting with more participants and increased the number of meetings to more than 15 in six months.
  • The furniture cluster increases the communications among its members; it has clearly appeared through their collective and active participation in the conferences and workshops at the district level.
  • The furniture cluster is contemplating the proper way to participate in the coming trade fair in Palestine during September.
  • Part of the cluster members had visited foreign countries such as Germany, Turkey and Italy and to develop their enterprises.
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